Why this blog exists

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The world is and always has been in a constant state of change. Nothing is static. The main difference between now and the past is that the changes are happening at an accelerating speed.

As a result of scientific, technological and medical breakthroughs, the world and we who inhabit it will one day be vastly different. And, if history is any guide, we can assume that just as the lives of those living today are vastly better than the lives of those who came before us, the lives of those who come after us will be vastly better than ours. In general, human existence tends to improve. That is the nature of progress.

Nanotechnology, eradication of diseases, life extension, brain uploading, the singularity, space exploration, unlocking the mysteries of the universe – all those will one day be reality. The man of the future will be smarter, stronger, faster,  more durable and more physically attractive than the man of today. He will be better equipped to think rationally and live happily.

Things may change sooner or later, but change they will, no matter what the skeptics say and how hard some people cling on to the past. It may take 10,000 years or it may take 10 years. Both estimates are probably wrong, but looking at the increasing rate of progress, the latter seems closer to the truth. The transforming man is already here.

Those who are smart enough to embrace the inevitability of change are the ones who will succeed in a fundamentally changing world. Those who try to slow it down are at a disadvantage until they change their minds – which they will, eventually.

This blog is for those who want to survive and thrive in a changing but imperfect world. To predict how things will be, one must first learn to see things as they are – which means taking a rational view of reality.

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